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She's MORE Now is an initiative committed to positioning women to grow and be empowered in order to enhance their quality of life and become architects of their future by introducing them to educational, spiritual, mental and economic opportunities of transformation. MORE stands for

Motivated Overcomers being Restored and Empowered.


Oftentimes woman, because they are very emotional beings, don’t know how to let things going and allow themselves to be healed, so they hold onto things, thus finding themselves in repeated cycles in their lives. These circumstances and situations sometime tear down their self-worth and self-esteem. For so long woman have been battered, abuse, misused and simply denied proper guidance thus leaving them handicap, wounded, broken and cast away, thus losing their true value. Through this initiative, it is our hearts desire to bring forth an atmosphere where women can be healed, delivered and set free knowing that you are a true treasure, a masterpiece created by God.


I am Dr. Von, I’m a life and empowerment coach, and I teach women struggling with identity how to escape the box so they uncover their authentic selves,

can truly feel confident to become MORE and build the capacity to

show up as her everyday.

If this is you, sign up for your free discovery session

and let’s begin your journey to MORE!

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We offer Mentoring and Life Coaching:

Mentoring - we help you to structure and sharpen your vision, provide you with steps and accountability to bring your vision to manifestation. We help you to see that everything you need is within and provided you the tools to unlock and be all that you were created to be.


Life Coaching - We assist you in navigating thru life. Whether that is reorganizing, time management or prioritizing things your life. We help you to see you beyond life circumstances and help you become the architect of your future.


Helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her, does NOT take away from the blessings coming to you. In fact, the more you give, the more you received. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness.”
-Selene Kinder


Let’s Unite, Let me help you to grow and be empowered


Schedule your virtual discovery session with me today, let's begin the journey to Unlock the Treazure already within YOU in order to manifest your NOW!


Dr. Shavona L Whitehead, LLC
Owner: Dr. Shavona L. Whitehead, MDIV, DMIN

SLW Ministries

She's MORE Now Life and Empowerment Coaching

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