Broken to be Blessed

“It Was Necessary”

1st Samuel 1: 1-6, 10-11, 19-20

Even if you’ve never sought God before, a severe crisis has a way of turning you to Him. You realize that unless God comes through, it doesn’t look good. And so, you cry out, “Oh, God, help me!”

Have you ever been in a place where you been praying for God to bless you in a certain area of your life and it seems like the more you pray the further your blessing seems to be. Everyone else around you is getting blessed and taunting you because you are still struggling. You’re like Hannah with barren womb, looked down upon leaving you spiritually disturbed, socially disgraced and emotionally depressed.

Hannah was persecuted but privileged letting you know that you might be in a place where life is tearing you apart and it seems like all hell is breaking loose all around. They are talking about you and persecuting you yet you have privileges even in my broken state. Hannah was still favored even in her state of distress.

Take time and realized that you are Broken on Purpose, learn to Respond with Grace or Don’t Respond at All during the process and allow God to Multiply your blessing!

Though persecuted by Peninnah for not producing as quick as she did, through suffering and agony, God answered Hannah by blessing her not just for what she prayed for but overflow!

My brokenness prepared me for my blessing - My brokenness produced my blessing

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