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I help extraordinary women unlock their dreams and break free from the chains of limiting beliefs! Through powerful guidance, they learn to love themselves unconditionally so that nothing can hold them back from embracing all life has to offer through life coaching.

- Dr. Shavona Whitehead

Step into authenticity with confidence as you walk a path filled with your HIGHEST potential...

About Dr. Shavona L. Whitehead, BS, MDIV, DMIN


A trailblazer in ministry and coaching, Dr. Shavona Whitehead has been anointed to plant, grow and shape various ministries worldwide. She began her journey in May of 2006, being ordained as an elder in the Pentecostal faith. As Dr. Von continued to seek God, she transitioned in March 2009 to the Baptist denomination under the power and wisdom of her beloved grandfather and spiritual father, the late Rev. Dr. Walter Bronson Jr. It was under his nurturing that her spiritual gifts were developed. As she continued to seek God for her purpose and calling, her prophetic training flowed under Bishop Christopher Windley. She currently serves under the tutelage of Bishop James Carter. 

Dr. Whitehead's goal has always been to fulfill the will of God outlined in her life by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ across the nations. While teaching others about Christ, she has made her mission to teach and help women to turn their ashes into beauty, increasing their self-esteem, thus cultivating spiritual growth, and becoming great women of wisdom and integrity. She believes and teaches women that they must seek the Lord to find out how they can become more. In 2020, Dr. Whitehead launched "She's More Now" Life and Empowerment Coaching. MORE stands for Motivated Overcomers being Restored and Empowered. Within this platform, women learn that they are MORE when God speaks, even while he is manifesting it. 


As her purpose continues to unfold, Dr. Whitehead launched Dr. Shavona Whitehead, LLC, under which Manifesting MORE with Dr. Von, Break The Box Cohort, Lunchtime Empowerment Talks with Dr. Von and The ROAR Experience (Restore Overcome Affirm and Release) are housed.  As The MORE Pusher, she creates rooms and experiences where women are really able to experience a wholistic healing that ignites wholeness.


Dr. Whitehead has taken her place in Christ in the world but has also been diligent in gaining her education. After receiving her education from the Baltimore City School System, she got a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science from Coppin State University and her Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary. She holds her Doctor of Ministry Degree in Social & Environmental Justice from the Interdenominational Theological Center & Morehouse School of Religion in Atlanta, GA. She is trained in Spiritual Chaplaincy through the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy Internship Program and is a certified life coach.


She has been featured in many digital network publications, illuminated on Atlanta and NYC billboards, featured on major radio, television, and newspaper outlets.

Dr. Whitehead is the published author of, “I Am More Now Empowerment Journal” and her most recent book The Cutting that Made me Whole,as well as being a contributing author on many international best-seller-acclaimed bodies of work.


She has continuously soared above her pain and circumstances to continue to be more through all she has gone through.

Dr. Whitehead is also an Executive Producer with the Women Win Network. Dr. Whitehead has the support of her husband Yusef Whitehead, four children, and many of those who have flourished under her leadership.