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"The Cutting That Made Me Whole"

The Journey That Manifested Purpose and Promise

Surgical procedures come with limited guarantees based upon the illness or issue experienced. Still, you must go into the operating room with full trust in the one who will yield the knife and hope for the best outcome.

While I encountered a number of physical ailments in my life that required me to be cut, nothing could have ever equipped me for the spiritual incisions that had to be made. 

What happens when the physician scheduled to cut you has the scalpel that will change your life forever?

How do you cope with pain unexplained, unrecognizable, and unattended? When do you decide that you have hurt long enough, just because of the mass that has become attached? The Cutting that Made Me Whole is a story of multiple tragedies that led me to infinite triumphs – it is my story. It is the uncut and unadulterated truth of how I endured betrayal, heartbreak, and loss. It is also the written testament of how I survived them all. 


Sometimes, medicine and prayer are not the only things you need. We must all prepare ourselves for the surgical removal of whatever is keeping us from our destiny. We must regain our focus in spite of the blood we have lost. Overall, we must be willing to accept what God allows via that same scalpel. It was that surgery that rendered The Cutting that Made Me Whole.

My Journey is someone else's FREEDOM

The cutting that made me whol


Through my own challenging journey, I have been empowered to break free and share a story of strength. I hope that through this narrative, others can also begin their healing process and find the courage to conquer adversity in life.


Although misused, abandoned or overlooked at times - these experiences ultimately gave me something profound: The power to bring someone else along on an inspiring path towards wholeness!


"I Am Whole"


The metamorphosis you will encounter through I Am MORE will be undeniable. 

Empowerment Journal

The metamorphosis you will encounter through I Am MORE will be undeniable. You will shatter the places that have tried to suppress you, causing you to settle. We all have encountered disappointments, failures, heartbreaks, betrayal, childhood trauma and so much more. However, you do not have to stay tied to that place. God has MORE for you. It’s time to embrace it. 

Use this empowerment journal to strengthen you to push through your journey to MORE. Experience the fullness of your coming forth and tapping into the authentic you. Your life and your journey have been tailor-made just for you. No comparison in this season, for the first time in your life, you will walk unapologetically in the whole God created you to be. 


Your time is now to be MORE! Unlock your power within to come forth. You are more than what people see. Break the box, come out of the familiar place, shatter the limitations and live in the abundance of who you are so you can declare, I Am MORE Now!

Dr. Shavona L. Whitehead, owner of She’s MORE Now, is a life and empowerment coach. She is committed to teaching women struggling with identity how to escape the box, so they uncover their authentic selves, truly feel confident to become MORE, and build the capacity to show up as her every day. Dr. Whitehead’s goal is to teach and help women to turn their ashes into beauty, increasing self-esteem thus cultivating spiritual growth and power, therefore, becoming a great woman of wisdom, power, and integrity. Dr. Whitehead demonstrates this commitment through her weekly Lunchtime Empowerment Talks with Dr. Von and her monthly coaching sessions. The passion that flows creates the atmosphere for transformation and healing that births forth the confidence to be all that you were created to be by breaking the box that life and its circumstance as placed you in. Walking in her freedom, Dr. Whitehead is an ordained preacher, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, teacher, wife, and mom committed to walking in her NOW! Her motto is, “You are MORE Now”! You don’t have to wait, you were MORE when God spoke it!


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