Reaching Beyond the Borders with a nondenominational, multi-cultural, multi-faceted approach established to cross various boundaries to produce empowerment, healing and deliverance to all.

The treasures in you are waiting to be UNLOCKED!

- Dr. Shavona Whitehead

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Melissa, Baltimore

Break The Box Cohort has been an absolutely amazing journey. The experience with Dr. Von  allowed me to open doors that I thought were closed forever.  Finding the Authentic ME. Words I thought I could never utter. Understanding self  love is not a selfish act its an necessity. Having the strength to love the person in the MIRROR. I MATTER, I AM WORTHY, I AM BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE OUT

Courtney, Middle River

Dr. Von, I just wanted to tell you Thank you again.  I’m am definitely coming from out of the shadows of others, and allowing God to be in front of me every step of the way! I’m now equipped for my MORE!


Through the Cohort Dr Von created a safe space for me. A space with individuals that assured me I was safe, even thereafter. The journey was rough at moments, but I learned how to be vulnerable and tap into the authentic part of me. I learned that I'm worth it. I learned that my voice matters. It's ok to put me first, I had to learn that. Thank you Dr Von for showing me a better way!